Saturday, February 4, 2017

 I would like to wish everyone a prosperous, happy, and healthy the Year of the Rooster! 鷄年吉年!

Thanks to all the board members and friends for working together, we put up a great event last Saturday 1/21 to welcome the new year.

Susan Man used her talent, put together a great video with the beautiful photos she took. Check them out.

From the photos and video, you can see about 80 people from diverse background came together and enjoyed the fabulous celebration. According to some of our long time members, this was the biggest one in our chapter history. 
First, a  pot luck with lots of delicious festival food (Chinese dumplings, zhongzi, sesame balls, egg rolls, rice cake, lots of oranges….), then different activities (Chinese zodiac, paper cutting, brush painting, Chinese calligraphy, chopstick game, Chinese travel and history), then Chinese dragon dance, trivia and prizes, and the finale was having our board members give out hongbao (red packets with lucky money…)
If you missed out, please try to come next year.
Here are some photos that I took.
1. Chinese dragon dance with Kenny Lin, and 3 Stanford students(Nathaniel, Wyatt, and Trent)
2. Bet was supervising Stanford students while they were making vegetarian dumplings.
3. Shawa brought about 30 students and friends from Stanford. Kenny gave a hongbao to the baby
4. CA assembly member, Kansun Chu, and his wife came to give us good wishes for the new year
5. Huihui and his popular Chinese calligraphy station
6. Adrienne and Ken at the Chinese paper cutting station with Sesha Ying
7. Shirley with some eager students learning to draw a rooster in Chinese brush painting.
8. our board members gave out hongbao to children and young unmarried.
It was a very happy celebration!

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