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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Share Your Encounters--Deadline September 15

The Editor of US-China Review is putting together a fun winter issue and asks for your input.
See below:

Dear fellow USCPFA Members:
The theme for the Winter issue of US-China Review will be: Close Encounters of All Kinds. I am seeking brief stories from Americans about their encounters in China, and from Chinese on their encounters in the U.S. I also accept articles from non-members.
The stories can be humorous, poignant, informative, etc. They can show the joys or frustrations of learning about the other country. I would like to receive stories of various lengths. In some cases, just a few paragraphs would be enough. Ideally, the stories will also involve various time periods (some from when China first opened up, some from recent years), various parts of
China and various situations (teaching English, taking a bike trip, making funny mistakes while trying to speak Chinese, etc.).
If possible, please email photos to go with the stories. If you are pressed for time, I can fine-tune any submissions, but please send them as soon as possible – and no later than Sept. 15.

Mike Revzin

Monday, August 25, 2014

Photos from Chinese Cuisine Night

Jackson, Michelle and Jacqueline Wong Prepared A Feast

Author William Poy Lee Shared Insights on China

Fun Places to Eat

Last night we had our first Chinese Cuisine Night, thanks to members Jackson, Michelle and Jacqueline Wong who cooked dishes from east, west, north and south and served it up at member Teresa O'Neil's home. As we all sat around discussing delicious food, we made a group list of some of our favorites. Enjoy the list:
Fun Places to Eat Suggested by USCPFA Members

Shangri-La (fast food): Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos`
Tao Tao: 175 S. Murphy, Sunnyvale
Little Shanghai (Dim Sum): 17 E 25th Ave, San Mateo
China Stix: 2110 El Camino Road, Santa Clara
Hung Fu: 20588 Steven’s Creek Blvd., Cupertino
Chief Chu’s: 1067 N. San Antonio Road, Los Altos
Jing Jing Szechwan and Hunan: 443 Emerson Street, Palo Alto
Dynasty: 1001 Story Street, San Jose
Union Chinese Restaurant: 2615 Union Avenue, San Jose
Mimi’s Kitchen: 5278 Monterey Highway, San Jose
Yank Sing: 101 Spear Street, San Francisco
Tsing’s: 361 W. Portal, San Francisco

Do you have a favorite? Please share.