Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last Call--Don't Miss The Party of the Year

We still have a few spots available for our Chinese New Year Gathering this Sunday. So if you haven't gotten your tickets, hurry and do so. Join us.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Member Billy Lee Honored at 1990 Institute Gala

Thanks to Billy and Lucille Lee, George Chadwick and I were able to attend the recent 1990 Institute Gala. The Gala was filled with stars from Hollywood (Joan Chen, Russell Wong, and Hudson Yang), from Silicon Valley (Alibaba, Blackberry, etc), and from Washington (Ambassadors Gary Locke,  Jon Huntsman, Jr., etc)
But the brightest star was our Billy Lee who was honored that evening for being one of four people to have started the 1990 Institute.
Let me quote the Gala's brochure: "Billy's personal mission at the 1990 Institute was to always build relationships. He is best known for numerous youth exchange programs through his Children, Art, and the Environment Program, where he impacted over a million children. His proudest moment was the launching of the World's Children's Mural Painting Part at the China National Children's Center in 2008. An annual event, this program was 'proven to be an effective way to build xin-xin jiao (heart-to-heart bridges) among children from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures."

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Look at Updated Menu!

In response to requests, I've printed the entire menu for our celebration in the new version of our flyer below. Also please note the start time (5pm). We look forward to seeing you there!