Thursday, September 29, 2016

                             DOUBLE CELEBRATION ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

What  a wonderful Double Celebration we had  Sunday at our Sept. meeting! About 50 people showed up at Shirley and Kim Kinoshita’s  house for great food, moon cakes, and fellowship.
Wow! Thank you, Shirley and Kim, for your hospitality!
Look at our four smiling presidents(from left to right):  Henry Bender, John Marienthal, Marsha Chan, and Jana McBurney-Lin. John gave a slideshow of  45 years of our chapter history.

Our co-chair,  Winny Lin narrated the story of Houyi and Chang-e, the Moon Lady, with the help of some Stanford students—Kenneth and Adrienne and engaged the audience. That was super fun! 
Shawa Zhang introduced Professor Martin Hellman and his wife Dorothie who gave their version of “The Moon Goddess and the New Map” and gave everyone a copy of their book and autographed. 

Delicious Moon Cakes. You can not celebrate the holiday without the traditional food. 

Happy Chinese and American friends. 

 Special thanks to Susan for her great documentary photos(some are from Velma Chan)  and videos.

and here is a  Poem by Li, Xian Da - Billy Lee’s cousin in China 

真情作料, 祝福为馅
邀君共赏, 月上柳枝梢

祝 中秋快乐,阖家幸福!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Join In Honoring USCPFA Member Gerry Low-Sabado

USCPFA member Gerry Low-Sabado has worked tirelessly to research and share her family's Monterey history. They were among the first groups of immigrants to live there, setting up fishing villages, discovering new ways of catching squid, building up a thriving community. As the mayor of Monterey recently said, "They are responsible for making the city what it is today."
Gerry will be awarded the Ralph B. Atkinson Award for Civil Liberties on October 15. Please join us in celebrating her work.