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USCPFA- South Bay

Dear Friends and Directors of International Global Studies,

There is a strong desire in our Bay Area Community today to learn more about foreign cultures and promote cross-cultural understanding and relationships. USCPFA-South Bay Chapter focuses on US-China - particularly People to People’s Friendship and Bonding. 

We believe that Education and Services to foreign students and visitors are especially important, and we wish to work with all our local Schools, Colleges, and Universities, to see if we can support
each other in this effort.

Early this year we started a number of Public Lectures by noted experts– please see attachments. We recently also connected with a group of students at Stanford University from China, and learned from them what kind of support they wish to receive from our community. They actually also inquired about what they can contribute in return. One comment registers in our mind deeply is that they found themselves somewhat isolated in an Academic Island all these years. They are very interested in engaging the larger community.

We have also found that our public lectures have been very well received so far. This is an area where perhaps we all can collaborate when appropriate. I hope I can interest you and your colleagues involved in International Student Programs to meet with me and my colleagues in the near future to discuss this idea further.  Please provide the information below if interested :


School                                                                                     Title                                                                     

Phone Number(s)                                                                                                                                            


Please let me know if you think of other persons whom I should contact.  Thank you !
John Marienthal

Membership Director, John Marienthal , USCPFA –South Bay

John Marienthal
1502 Rhinecliff Way
San Jose, CA 95126
Tel: 408-854-0558

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